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    • Mareano 

      Buhl-Mortensen, Pål; Sunnset, Beate Hoddevik; Thorsnes, Terje; Skyseth, Trond (Havforskningstema;Nr.2-2008, Working paper, 2008)
    • Mareano : collecting marine knowledge 

      Mareano (Focus on Marine Research;2-2009, Working paper, 2009)
      The aim of the MAREANO programme is to fill gaps in knowledge about seabed conditions, habitats and biodiversity through detailed mapping of depth, sediments, bottom fauna and pollutants in Norwegian waters. The results ...
    • MAREANO kartlegger havbunnen : MAREANO – mapping Norwegian seabed 

      Buhl-Mortensen, Lene; Buhl-Mortensen, Pål (Havforskningsnytt, Working paper, 2008)
      Since the MAREANO programme was initiated in 2006, it has mapped 37 000 square kilometres of seabed off the Norwegian counties of Troms and Nordland. On the most recent expedition in June 2008, samples were collected and ...
    • MAREANO startet på Tromsøflaket 

      Lønne, Ole Jørgen (Havforskningsnytt, Working paper, 2005)
      I slutten av oktober startet MAREANOprogrammet kartleggingen av havbunnen i nord. Rundt 1000 km2 på Tromsøflaket ble kartlagt med høy kvalitet. Tidligere i år bevilget Regjeringen fem millioner kroner til oppstarten av det ...
    • Mareanotokt i Barentshavet, mai - juni 2006 

      Buhl-Mortensen, Lene ([Toktrapport/Havforskningsinstituttet];Nr. 6 - 2006, Working paper, 2006-08-22)
    • Mareanotokt i Barentshavet, mars - april & oktober 2007 

      Buhl-Mortensen, Lene; Buhl-Mortensen, Pål ([Toktrapport/Havforskningsinstituttet];Nr. 2 - 2008, Working paper, 2007)
    • Marine Habitat Mapping for the Norwegian Sea 

      Noji, Thomas; Thorsnes, Terje; Fosså, Jan Helge (ICES CM documents, Working paper, 2000)
      An initiative is currently being taken by several Norwegian organizations to obtain funds to intensify ongoing investigations on marine sea-floor mapping off Norway. Led by the Geological Survey of Norway and Institute ...
    • Marine indikatorer 

      van der Meeren, Gro; Øigård, Tor Arne; Øien, Nils; Nilssen, Kjell Tormod; Oug, Eivind; Sunnanå, Knut; Jakobsen, Tore; Mehl, Sigbjørn; Kvamme, Cecilie; Torstensen, Else; Stenevik, Erling Kåre; Planque, Benjamin; Helle, Gunnar; Gjøsæter, Jakob; Skiftesvik, Anne Berit; Aglen, Asgeir; Johannessen, Tore; Dommasnes, Are; Naustvoll, Lars-Johan; Moy, Frithjof E.; Falkenhaug, Tone; Melle, Webjørn; Knutsen, Tor; Eriksen, Elena; Jørgensen, Lis Lindal; Fosså, Jan Helge; Bannister, Raymond; Buhl-Mortensen, Lene; Buhl-Mortensen, Pål; Strand, Øivind; Søvik, Guldborg; Jelmert, Anders; Knutsen, Jan Atle; Enersen, Svein Erik; Edvardsen, Hanne; Kroglund, Tone; Pedersen, Atle; Eikrem, Wenche; Bekkby, Trine; Tveite, Stein (DN-utredning;4-2010, Chapter, 2010-09)
      The Nature Index (NI) is established to get an overview of the state and development of biodiversity within the major ecosystems of Norway. It includes marine, limnic and terrestrial ecosystems. The aim of the index is to ...
    • Mechanisms regulating oocyte recruitment and skippedspawning in Northeast Arctic cod (Gadus morhua L.) 

      Skjæraasen, Jon Egil; Kennedy, James; Thorsen, Anders; Fonn, Merete; Strand, Bente; Mayer, Ian; Kjesbu, Olav Sigurd (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2009-09)
      To examine mechanisms that affect fecundity, atresia and skipped spawning in Northeast Arctic cod (Gadus morhua L.), we conducted an experiment where wild-caught cod (>60 cm) kept under restricted food regimes were subjected ...
    • MMP-13 (Matrix MetalloProteinase 13) expression might be an indicator for increased ECM remodeling and early signs of vertebral compression in farmed Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) 

      Wargelius, Anna; Fjelldal, Per Gunnar; Grini, Ane; Gil-Martens, L.; Kvamme, Bjørn Olav; Hansen, Tom (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2010-04)
      Vertebral body compression is a common problem in commercial farming of Atlantic salmon. Although risk factors, such as vaccination and alnutrition, have been identified, the etiology is largely unknown. Histological studies ...
    • Molecular cloning, characterization and nutritional regulation of key enzymes required for the effective utilization of marine wax esters by Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) 

      Minghetti, M.; Olsen, Rolf Erik; Tocher, D.R. (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2010-10)
      Previous studies had shown that wax ester-rich lipid extracted from calanoid copepods could be a useful alternative to fish oil as a provider of long-chain n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids in diets for use in salmon ...
    • Mortality of mackerel (Scomber scombrus L.) after pursing and slipping from a purse seine 

      Huse, Irene; Vold, Aud (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2010-10)
      A new method was used to study the effect of crowding and subsequent slipping from a purse seine on the mortality of Atlantic mackerel (Scomber scombrus L.). Mackerel were allowed to swim from a purse seine through a ...
    • Mykje vil ha meir 

      Sunnanå, Knut; Bogstad, Bjarte; Gjøsæter, Harald; Røttingen, Ingolf (Chronicle, 2010-09-22)
    • NEA saithe XSA runs with different survey tuning series 

      Mehl, Sigbjørn; Fotland, Åge (Working paper, 2010-02)
      New tuning series from a combined and improved survey gives lower and more stable S. E. Log q residuals than the tuning series presently used. However, the retrospective trend is still poor and the estimates of F and SSB ...
    • NordKyst - 800m : The Norwegian Coastal Model 

      Ådlandsvik, Bjørn (Conference object, 2010-05-27)
    • Norsk akvakultur i kortversjon 

      Torrissen, Ole (Conference object, 2011-06-08)
    • North Sea sensitivity to atmospheric forcing 

      Skogen, Morten D.; Drinkwater, Ken; Hjøllo, Solfrid Sætre; Schrum, Corinna (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2011-04)
      The sensitivity of North Sea physics and phytoplankton production to atmospheric forcing has been studied by performing perturbations of the atmospheric forcing fields through a number of model simulations. The perturbations ...
    • Observing the behavioral response of herring exposed to mid-frequency sonar signals. (A) 

      Handegard, Nils Olav; Doksæter, Lise; Godø, Olav Rune; Kvadsheim, Petter H. (Conference object, 2010-03)
      There is general concern on how mid-frequency military sonars might affect aquatic animals. Approaches used to investigate possible effects on Norwegian spring spawning herring (Clupea harengus) are presented. Experiments ...