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  • A compilation of global bio-optical in situ data for ocean-colour satellite applications – version two 

    Valente, Andre; Sathyendranath, Shubba; Brotas, Vanda; Groom, Steve; Grant, Michael; Taberner, Malcolm; Antoine, David; Arnone, Robert; Balch, William M; Barker, Kathryn; Barlow, Ray G.; Belanger, Simon; Berthon, Jean-Francois; Besiktepe, Sukru; Børsheim, Knut Yngve; Bracher, Astrid; Brando, Vittorio Ernesto; Canuti, Elisabetta; Chavez, Francisco; Cianca, Andres; Claustre, Hervè; Clementson, Lesley; Crout, Richard; Frouin, Robert; Garcia-Soto, Carlos; Gibb, Stuart W; Gould, Richard; Hooker, Stanford B.; Kahru, Mati; Kampel, Milton; Klein, Holger; Kratzer, Susanne; Kudela, Raphael; Ledesma, Jesus; Loisel, Hubert; Matrai, Patricia A.; McKee, David; Mitchell, Brian G; Moisan, Tiffany; Muller-Karger, Frank; O'Dowd, Leonie; Ondrusek, Michael; Platt, Trevor; Poulton, Alex J.; Repecaud, Michel; Schroeder, Thomas; Smyth, Timothy; Smythe-Wright, Denise; Sosik, Heidi M; Twardowski, Michael; Vellucci, Vincenzo; Voss, Kenneth J.; Werdell, Jeremy; Wernand, Marcel; Wright, Simon; Zibordi, Giuseppe (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2019)
    A global compilation of in situ data is useful to evaluate the quality of ocean-colour satellite data records. Here we describe the data compiled for the validation of the ocean-colour products from the ESA Ocean Colour ...
  • The role of marine mammals in the Barents Sea foodweb 

    Blanchet, Marie-Anne; Primicerio, Raul; Frainer, André; Kortsch, Susanne; Skern-Mauritzen, Mette; Dolgov, Andrey V.; Aschan, Michaela (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2019)
    Marine mammals are important players in the Barents Sea ecosystem but their structural role in the foodweb has been little explored. We compare foodweb-related characteristics within and between phylogenetic groups for 19 ...
  • Distinct gut metagenomics and metaproteomics signatures in prediabetics and treatment-naive type 2 diabetics 

    Zhong, Huanzi; Ren, Huahui; Lu, Yan; Fang, Chao; Hou, Guixue; Yang, Ziyi; Chen, Bing; Yang, Fangming; Zhao, Yue; Shi, Zhun; Zhou, Baojin; Wu, Jiegen; Zou, Hua; Zi, Jin; Chen, Jiayu; Bao, Xiao; Hu, Yihe; Gao, Yan; Zhang, Jun; Xu, Xun; Hou, Yong; Yang, Huanming; Wang, Jian; Liu, Siqi; Jia, Huijue; Madsen, Lise; Brix, Susanne; Kristiansen, Karsten; Liu, Fang; Li, Junhua (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2019)
    Background The gut microbiota plays important roles in modulating host metabolism. Previous studies have demonstrated differences in the gut microbiome of T2D and prediabetic individuals compared to healthy individuals, ...
  • Atlantic haddock (Melanogrammus aeglefinus) larvae have a magnetic compass that guides their orientation 

    Cresci, Alessandro; Paris, Claire B.; Foretich, Matthew A.; Durif, Caroline; Shema, Steven; O'Brien, James E.; Vikebø, Frode Bendiksen; Skiftesvik, Anne Berit; Browman, Howard (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2019)
    Atlantic haddock (Melanogrammus aeglefinus) is a commercially important species of gadoid fish. In the North Sea, their main spawning areas are located close to the northern continental slope. Eggs and larvae drift with ...

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