• Innvandring fra Storbritannia til Norge av havert (Halichoerus grypus) 

      Hickling, G.; Rasmussen, Birger; Smith, E. A. (Fisken og havet;1962 - Nr. 2, Journal article, 1962)
      The present article on the migration of grey seals from British waters to the Norwegian coast is mainly intended to arouse the interest of the coastal population of Norway for the British marking experiments. The first ...
    • Norske pigghåmerkinger 1958-61 

      Aasen, Olav (Fisken og havet;1962 - Nr. 3, Journal article, 1962)
      The Norwegian taggings of spiny dogfish are considered for the period 1958-61. The main results are that: a) there exists a regular migration between the British Isles (summer) and the Norwegian coastal waters (winter) and ...
    • Variasjoner i fiskefaunaen i Arendalsområdet 1985-1987 

      Gjøsæter, Jakob; Hansen, Knut; Lønnhaug, Kate; Sollie, Aadne (Flødevigen meldinger;1- 1989, Working paper, 1989)