Handbook for sampling fish, crustaceans and other invertebrates” is published on a yearly basis until 2020 and are valid for data sampled in the publishing year. After 2020 there is one post for each version of the handbook, following the versions of the IMR software “BioticEditor” which the handbook documents. These are named according to “BioticEditor” version number. The handbook contains procedures for sampling fish, crustaceans and other invertebrates, and refers to other procedures that deal with the process from sampling to data being transferred to electronic media. Thus, it represents the meta-data for such biological data at IMR. The handbook ensures that biological samples related to fish, crustaceans and other invertebrates are treated equally, and in accordance with specified requirements. The samples are collected on research vessels, chartered vessels, and coastguard vessels, as well as on regular fishing vessels including the reference fleet and sampling after delivery to catch landing sites. In most years it is written in Norwegian only, but some years English version is also available. This can be found in the same post as the Norwegian version. Within the posts you also find a document (in Norwegian) called “New additions to the handbook 20xx” (Nye tillegg til handbook 20xx). This document contains all additions/changes made to the handbook during the year. This includes new codes, changes to procedures, expired codes, etc. After 2015 this document is called “Overview of new additions and changes in the handbook 20xx” (Oversikt over nye tillegg og endringer i Håndbok 20xx-20xx) and contains the same information collected over several years.


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