• Evidence for effects on the North Sea ecosystem due to varying oceanic inflow over the last 100 years 

      Reid, Philip; Edwards, Martin; Beaugrand, Grégory; Skogen, Morten D.; Stevens, Darren (ICES CM Documents;2002/Q:8, Working paper, 2002)
      Oceanic inflow is estimated to contribute more than 90% of the nutrient input into the North Sea (NSTF, 1993). Variability in the volume, chemical properties, biological content and source of the inflowing water is thus ...
    • Towards a European Marine Ecosystem Observatory (EMECO) 

      Mills, D.K.; Walker, P.A.; Rees, J.M.; Malcolm, S.; Fox, Clive J.; Edwards, Martin; Laane, R.; Bot, P.; Ridderinkhof, H.; Colijn, F.; Petersen, Wilhelm; Schroeder, Friedhelm; Wehde, Henning; Johannessen, Johnny A.; Svendsen, Einar; Hackett, Bruce (ICES CM documents;2006/E:10, Working paper, 2006)