• The atlantic inflow to the North Sea and the Skagerrak indicated by surface observations 

      Sætre, Roald (ICES CM Documents;1978/C:17, Working paper, 1978)
      By means of surface observations of temperature and salinity along shipping routes across the North Sea it is shown that the Atlantic inflow along the western and southern edge of the Norwegian Channel seems to reach ...
    • Bunnfiskundersøkelser ved Bjørnøya, Spitsbergen og i Barentshavet med F/F "G. O. Sars" 3. - 20. november 1970 

      Hylen, Arvid; Jakobsen, Tore; Lahn-Johannessen, John; Smedstad, Odd M.; Sætre, Roald (Fisken og havet, Research report, 1972)
      The primary aim of the cruise was to obtain data of the abundance and distribution of the prerecruits (0—3 years of age) of cod and haddock. It was also intended that the cruise should yield information about the suitability ...
    • Climatic changes at the North Sea plateau during 1967 - 1984 

      Ljøen, Rikard; Sætre, Roald (ICES CM Documents;1987/C:17, Working paper, 1987)
      The average temperature and salinity in the water masses with S> 35.0 in the Utsira and Hanstholmen sections for the periode 1967-1984 is presented. The influence of the mid 1970`s salinity anomaly at the North Sea ...
    • Climatic variability in the Skagerrak and coastal waters of Norway 

      Albretsen, Jon; Aure, Jan; Sætre, Roald; Danielssen, Didrik S. (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2011-12-18)
      The Institute of Marine Research in Norway collects marine data from all national waters. Data are primarily collected from vessels, but observation buoys, manual measurements, and oceanographic gliders are also used. The ...
    • Distribution, drift and condition of herring larvae off western Norway in 1985 

      Bjørke, Herman; Fossum, Petter; Sætre, Roald (ICES CM Documents;1986/H:39, Working paper, 1986)
      The recruitment to the Norwegian spring-spawning herring have during the last twenty years been on a very low level. However, the size of the spawning stock has increased in recent years and in 1983 a rich year class ...
    • Distribution, drift and condition of herring larvae off western Norway in 1987 

      Sætre, Roald; Bjørke, Herman; Fossum, Petter (ICES CM Documents;1988/H:14, Working paper, 1988)
      Introduction: After 1959 the Norwegian spring-spawning herring have been spawning along the western coast of Norway north of 62° N. During the sixties the stock was reduced to a minimum. In the recent years there has ...
    • Dykkender beiter på loddeegg 

      Gjøsæter, Jakob; Sætre, Roald; Bjørke, Herman (Journal article, 1972-09)
    • Ecological investigations on the spawning grounds of the Barents Sea capelin 

      Sætre, Roald; Gjøsæter, Jakob (Fiskeridirektoratets skrifter, Serie Havundersøkelser, Research report, 1975)
      SÆTRE, R. and GJØSÆTER, J. 1975. Ecological investigations on the spawning grounds of the Barents Sea capelin. FiskDir. Skr. Ser. HavUnders., 16: 203-227. A programme to study the reproduction of the Barents Sea capelin ...
    • En hydrografisk undersøkelse i Matrevågen, Nordhordaland 

      Sætre, Roald (Fisken og havet - Serie B, Working paper, 1974)
    • Features of the Barents Sea circulation 

      Loeng, Harald; Sætre, Roald (Fisken og havet, Research report, 2001)
      During the period 1970-1996, a number of current measurements were carried out in the Barents Sea by different institutions. The observations include measurements from fixed mooring buoys and data from drifting satellite ...
    • Gyteinnsiget av lodde vinteren 1976 

      Hamre, Johannes; Sætre, Roald (Fisken og havet, Research report, 1976)
      From 10 January to 3 April four vessels were monitoring the spawning migration of capelin in the Barents Sea. The migration started in early February along three different routes. The main part of the spawning population ...
    • "Import" av fiskeyngel til norske farvann [HELP 35] 

      Bjørke, Herman; Sætre, Roald (help;1990 nr. 35, Research report, 1990)
      Fordelingen av fiskeyngel i norske farvann om våren og sommeren indikerer sterkt at noe av denne yngelen er "importert" fra gytefelt utenfor det økosystemet som omfatter norskekysten og Barentshavet. Dette gjelder for ...
    • Jens Eggvin – A Norwegian pioneer in operational oceanography 

      Sætre, Roald; Blindheim, Johan (ICES CM documents, Working paper, 2002)
      Jens Eggvin (1899-1989) was employed at the Institute of Marine Research (IMR) in Bergen as head of its physical oceanographic activities in 1933. He followed a Norwegian tradition in relating the physical conditions of ...
    • Lodde- og polartorskundersøkelser i Barentshavet i september - oktober 1973 

      Dommasnes, Are; Nakken, Odd; Sætre, Roald; Frøiland, Øystein (Fisken og havet, Research report, 1974)
      During September-October 1973 observations were made on distribution and abundance of capelin and polar cod in the Barents Sea. The major part of the capelin stock was found north of 78º N, and the distribution pattern ...
    • Lokalisering og miljø ved noen oppdrettsanlegg for laksefisk i Vest-Norge 

      Sætre, Roald (Fisken og havet - Serie B, Working paper, 1975)
    • Long-term temperature ternds in Norwegian coastal waters 

      Blindheim, Johan; Loeng, Harald; Sætre, Roald (ICES CM Documents;1981/C:19, Working paper, 1981)
      Time series of sea surface temperature at four meteorological stations on the coast of Norway are compared with observations from three fixed oceanographic stations in Norwegian coastal waters. The longest time series at ...
    • Midlere temperatur og saltholdighet i overflatelaget langs en del skipsruter i Nordsjøen 

      Sætre, Roald (Fisken og havet - Serie B, Working paper, 1978)
    • Miljørapport 1996 

      Sætre, Roald (Fisken og havet, særnummer;2-1996, Research report, 1996-03)
    • Miljørapport 1997 

      Sætre, Roald (Fisken og havet, særnummer;2-1997, Research report, 1997-03)
    • Northern North Sea circulation during early fall 

      Svendsen, Einar; Sætre, Roald; Mork, Martin (ICES CM Documents;1988/C:32, Working paper, 1988)
      During the fall of 1987 the Autumn Circulation Experiment (ACE) was carried out in the northern North Sea. The transversal flow of mixed Scottish coastal and Atlantic water from northeast of Scottland towards Norway was ...