• DNA-analysis to monitor fisheries and aquaculture: Too costly? 

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      Evidence from DNA‐analysis is commonplace in human criminal investigations, and while it is increasingly being used in wildlife crime, to date, its application to control and enforcement activities in fisheries and aquaculture ...
    • The early marine distribution of Atlantic salmon in the North-east Atlantic: A genetically informed stock-specific synthesis 

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      The survival of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar), an increasingly rare anadromous species, has declined dramatically during its marine phase, with disproportionate impacts on the poorly understood early post-smolt period. ...
    • Epistatic regulation of growth in Atlantic salmon revealed: a QTL study performed on the domesticated-wild interface 

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      Quantitative traits are typically considered to be under additive genetic control. Although there are indications that non-additive factors have the potential to contribute to trait variation, experimental demonstration ...
    • Geographic extent of introgression in Sebastes mentella and its effect on genetic population structure 

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