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    • Norwegian kelp forest restauration - Kelp restoration actions in Norway, 1988-2022. 

      Bekkby, Trine; Christie, Hartvig C; Fagerli, Camilla With; Rinde, Eli; Strand, Hans Kristian (Lecture, 2023)
      The extensive kelp forests between 58 and 71oN along the Norwegian coastline have suffered greatly from sea urchin grazing since the 1970-ies (Mid and North Norway) and from turf/filamentous algal competition (South and ...
    • Pilotprosjekt - Kartlegging av marin natur i Møre og Romsdal. Årsrapport 2017 

      Bekkby, Trine; Sigurd, Espeland; Dolan, Margaret; Rinde, Eli; Moy, Frithjof Emil; Elvenes, Sigrid; Gundersen, Hege; van Son, Thijs Christiaan; Sogn Andersen, Guri; Thormar, Jonas; Frigstad, Helene; Moy, Siri Røang; Beylich, Bjørnar; Albretsen, Jon; Naustvoll, Lars Johan; Tveiten, Lise Ann (Research report, 2018)
    • Spatial predictive modelling as a tool in the Norwegian program for mapping of marine habitats 

      Bekkby, Trine; Rinde, Eli; Olsen, Heidi; Bøe, Reidulv; Steen, Henning; Jørgensen, Nina M.; Moy, Frithjof E. (ICES CM documents;2011/G:07, Working paper, 2011)
      There is a high pressure on coastal ecosystems from climate change and a diverse range of human activities. To develop adequate marine spatial plans and achieve knowledge based management decisions, managers and policy ...
    • The abundance of kelp is modified by the combined impact of depth, waves and currents 

      Bekkby, Trine; Smit, Cecilie; Gundersen, Hege; Rinde, Eli; Steen, Henning; Tveiten, Lise Ann; Gitmark, Janne Kim; Fredriksen, Stein; Albretsen, Jon; Christie, Hartvig C (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2019)
      This study analyses the combined impact of two types of ocean water flow, wave exposure and ocean currents, on kelp Laminaria hyperborea abundance, taking other environmental co-variables into account. The dataset covers ...
    • The Kelp Forest Challenge: A collaborative global movement to protect and restore 4 million hectares of kelp forests 

      Eger, Aaron Matthius; Aguirre, J. David; Altamirano, María; Arafeh-Dalmau, Nur; Arroyo, Nina Larissa; Bauer-Civiello, Anne M.; Beas-Luna, Rodrigo; Bekkby, Trine; Bennett, Scott; Bernal, Blanca; Blain, Caitlin O.; Boada, Jordi; Branigan, Simon; Bursic, Jasmine; Cevallos, Bruno; Choi, ChangGeun; Connell, Sean D.; Edward, Christopher; Earp, Hannah Scarlett; Eddy, Norah; Matthius, Aaron; Ennis, Lee-Ann; Falace, Annalisa; Ferreira, Ana Margarida; Filbee-Dexter, Karen; Forbes, Hunter; Francis, Prue; Franco, Joao N.; Geisler, Karen Gray; Giraldo-Ospina, Anita; Gonzalez, Alejandra V.; Hingorani, Swati; Hohman, Rietta; Iveša, Ljiljana; Kaleb, Sara; Keane, John P.; Koch, Sophie J. I.; Krumhansl, Kira; Ladah, Lydia; Lafont, Dallas J.; Layton, Cayne; Le, Duong Minh; Lee, Lynn Chi; Ling, Scott D.; Lonhart, Steve I.; Malpica-Cruz, Luis; Mangialajo, Luisa; McConnell, Amy; McHugh, Tristin Anoush; Micheli, Fiorenza; Miller, Kelsey Irene; Monserrat, Margalida; Montes-Herrera, Juan; Moreno, Bernabé; Neufeld, Christopher J.; Orchard, Shane; Peabody, Betsy; Peleg, Ohad; Pessarrodona, Albert; Pocklington, Jacqueline B.; Reeves, Simon E.; Ricart, Aurora M.; Ross, Finnley; Schanz, Federica Romina; Schreider, Maria; Sedarat, Mohammad; Smith, Shannen M.; Starko, Samuel; Strain, Elisabeth M. A.; Tamburello, Laura; Timmer, Brian; Toft, Jodie E.; Uribe, Roberto A.; van den Burg, Sander W. K.; Vásquez, Julio A.; Veenhof, Reina J.; Wernberg, Thomas; Wood, Georgina; Zepeda-Domínguez, José Alberto; Vergès, Adriana (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
      Marine kelp forests cover 1/3 of our world's coastlines, are heralded as a nature-based solution to address socio-environmental issues, connect hundreds of millions of people with the ocean, and support a rich web of ...
    • Variation in stomach temperature as indicator of meal size in harbour seal, Phoca vitulina 

      Bekkby, Trine; Bjørge, Arne (ICES CM Documents;1995/N:12, Working paper, 1995)
      To understand the role of the marine mammals as components in foodwebs, it is important to know the composition frequency and size of their meals. Marine mammals have a core body temperature of about 37°C, and feed mainly ...