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    • The Østerbø Herring 

      Aasen, Olav (Fiskeridirektoratets skrifter, Serie Havundersøkelser, Research report, 1953)
    • Østersens respirasjon - Undersøkelser utført ved Statens Utklekningsanstalt Flødevigen 

      Pedersen, Elisabeth (Fiskeridirektoratets skrifter, Serie Havundersøkelser, Research report, 1947)
      In Norway the oyster, Ostrea edulis, is cultivated in small natural salt-water ponds, with but narrow communications with the sea. On the top of the ponds we have generally a layer of fresh water. The temperature rises ...
    • Årsaker til rike og fattige årganger av sild 

      Soleim, Peder A. (Fiskeridirektoratets skrifter, serie havundersøkelser, Research report, 1942)
      Causes of rich and poor Year-classes of Herring. This paper continues RUNNSTRØMS investigation on herring larvæ during 1932-35 and is based on material obtained by hatching artificially fertilized eggs as well as on ...