• Changes in the Norwegian Sea deep water 

      Østerhus, Svein; Blindheim, Johan; Turrell, William R.; Hansen, Bogi; van Bennekom, Aleido Johannes (ICES CM Documents;1996/O:11, Working paper, 1996)
      This paper deals with observed changes in the Norwegian Sea Deep Water (NSDW) after the cessation of bottom water formation in the Greenland Sea. Current measurements indicate that the deep water flow from the Greenland ...
    • Quantitative distribution of blue whiting in relation to the hydrography in Faroese waters March-May 1979. 

      Jakupsstovu, Stein Hjalti; Hansen, Bogi; Thomsen, Bjarti (ICES CM Documents;1979/H:22, Working paper, 1979)
    • Recent upper layer cooling and freshening in the Norwegian Sea 

      Blindheim, Johan; Østerhus, Svein; Borovkov, Vladimir; Hansen, Bogi; Malmberg, Svend-Aage; Turrell, William R. (ICES CM Documents;1996/C:7, Working paper, 1996)
      Several time series of temperature and salinity in the Norwegian Sea indicate a general upper layer decrease in both variables. The observations indicate that this change began in about the middle of the 1960s. Time ...