• The early marine distribution of Atlantic salmon in the North-east Atlantic: A genetically informed stock-specific synthesis 

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      The survival of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar), an increasingly rare anadromous species, has declined dramatically during its marine phase, with disproportionate impacts on the poorly understood early post-smolt period. ...
    • Effects of temperature and feeding regime on cortisol concentrations in scales of Atlantic salmon post-smolts 

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      Anadromous fish are vulnerable to anthropogenic and environmental stressors including pollution, rising temperatures, and changes in food availability. Knowledge of how fish respond to specific stressors aid our understanding ...
    • Feeding interactions between Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) postsmolts and other planktivorous fish in the Northeast Atlantic 

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    • Poor feeding opportunities and reduced condition factor for salmon post-smolts in the Northeast Atlantic Ocean 

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      During the last few decades, many wild Atlantic salmon populations have declined dramatically. One possible contributing factor for the decline is reduced prey availability at sea. Here, we examine post-smolt diet and ...