• Comparison of copper and tungsten carbide calibration spheres 

      Foote, Kenneth G.; MacLennan, David N. (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 1984)
      The properties of calibration spheres made from electrical-grade copper, denoted Cu, and tungsten carbide with 6% cobalt binder, denoted WC, are examined theoretically. Effects of variations in material, medium, and equipment ...
    • Simple calibration of a split-beam echo-sounder 

      Svellingen, Ingvald; MacLennan, David N. (ICES CM Documents;1986/B:8, Working paper, 1986)
    • Simple calibration technique for the split-beam echo-sounder 

      MacLennan, David N.; Svellingen, Ingvald (Fiskeridirektoratets skrifter, Serie Havundersøkelser, Research report, 1989)
      The split-beam echo-sounder is used to measure the target strength of fish. Calibration of this instrument requires sensitivity measurements to be made throughout the cross-section of the acoustic beam. It is necessary ...