• A white humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) in the Atlantic Ocean, Svalbard, Norway, August 2012 

      Lydersen, Christian; Øien, Nils; Mikkelsen, Bjarni; Bober, Simon; Fisher, Dan; Kovacs, Kit M. (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2013-04-26)
      A white humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) was observed on several occasions off Svalbard, Norway, during August 2012. The animal was completely white, except for a few small dark patches on the ventral side of its ...
    • Animal-borne telemetry: An integral component of the ocean observing toolkit 

      Harcourt, Rob; Sequeira, Ana M.M.; Zhang, Xuelei; Roquet, Fabien; Komatsu, Kosei; Heupel, Michelle; McMahon, Clive; Whoriskey, Fred; Meekan, Mark; Carroll, Gemma; Brodie, Stephanie; Simpfendorfer, Colin; Hindell, Mark; Jonsen, Ian; Costa, Daniel P.; Block, Barbara; Muelbert, Mônica; Woodward, Bill; Weise, Mike; Aarestrup, Kim; Biuw, Martin; Boehme, Lars; Bograd, Steven J.; Cazau, Dorian; Charrassin, Jean-Benoit; Cooke, Steven J.; Cowley, Paul; de Bruyn, P.J. Nico; Jeanniard du Dot, Tiphaine; Duarte, Carlos; Eguíluz, Victor M.; Ferreira, Luciana C.; Fernández-Gracia, Juan; Goetz, Kimberly; Goto, Yusuke; Guinet, Christophe; Hammill, Mike; Hays, Graeme C.; Hazen, Elliott L.; Hückstädt, Luis A.; Huveneers, Charlie; Iverson, Sara; Jaaman, Saifullah Arifin; Kittiwattanawong, Kongkiat; Kovacs, Kit M.; Lydersen, Christian; Moltmann, Tim; Naruoka, Masaru; Phillips, Lachlan; Picard, Baptiste; Queiroz, Nuno; Reverdin, Gilles; Sato, Katsufumi; Sims, David W.; Thorstad, Eva Bonsak; Thums, Michele; Treasure, Anne M.; Trites, Andrew W.; Williams, Guy D.; Yonehara, Yoshinari; Fedak, Mike A. (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2019)
      Animal telemetry is a powerful tool for observing marine animals and the physical environments that they inhabit, from coastal and continental shelf ecosystems to polar seas and open oceans. Satellite-linked biologgers and ...
    • Autumn movements of fin whales (Balaenoptera physalus) from Svalbard, Norway, revealed by satellite tracking 

      Lydersen, Christian; Vacquie-Garcia, Jade; Heide-Jørgensen, Mads-Peter; Øien, Nils Inge; Guinet, Christophe; Kovacs, Kit M. (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
      Insight into animal movements is essential for understanding habitat use by individuals as well as population processes and species life-history strategies. In this study, we instrumented 25 fin whales with ARGOS ...
    • Body mass, muscle, blubber and visceral fat content and their seasonal, spatial and temporal variability in North Atlantic common minke whales 

      Gunnlaugsson, Thorvaldur; Vikingsson, Gísli A.; Halldórsson, Sverri Daníel; Elvarsson, Bjarki Þór; Haug, Tore; Lydersen, Christian (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
      The exponent for predicting total body mass from length has been studied in many species and here data on common minke whales from areas in the North Atlantic is added from both Icelandic and Norwegian research catches. ...
    • Distribution of sex and age groups of ringed seals Pusa hispida in the fast-ice breeding habitat of Kongsfjorden, Svalbard 

      Krafft, Bjørn A.; Kovacs, Kit M.; Lydersen, Christian (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2007-04-16)
      Spatial distribution of various age- and sex groups of ringed seals (N = 94; 19 adult males, 33 adult females and 42 subadults) was studied in their fast-ice breeding habitat in Kongsfjorden, Svalbard, during May 2004. ...
    • Exploitation of Antarctic krill Euphausia superba by three air-breathing predators with contrasting foraging strategies – implications for fisheries feedback management 

      Lowther, Andrew D.; Godø, Olav Rune; Kovacs, Kit; Krafft, Bjørn Arne; Lydersen, Christian; Staniland, Iain; Trathan, Phil; Watkins, Jon l (Conference object, 2016)
      SCAR Open Science Conference, Kuala Lumpur 2016
    • Feeding habits of northeast atlantic harp seal (Phoca groenlandica) along the summer ice edge of the Barents Sea 

      Lydersen, Christian; Angantyr, Lars Anker; Wiig, Øystein; Øritsland, Torger (ICES CM documents, Working paper, 1989)
      Stomachs from 58 harp seals Phoca groenlandica from the northern parts of the Barents Sea were collected between August 20 and September 5 1987. Fiftysix of the stomachs contained identifiable contents. The amphipod ...
    • Feeding habits of northeast atlantic Harp seal (Phoca groenlandica) along the Summer Ice Edge of the Barents Sea 

      Lydersen, Christian; Angantyr, Lars Anker; Wiig, Øystein; Øritsland, Torger (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 1991)
      Stomachs from 58 harp seals (Phoca groenlandica) from the northern part of the Barents Sea were collected between August 20 and September 5, 1987. Fifty-six of the stomachs contained identifiable remains. The amphipod ...
    • Hooded seal Cystophora cristata foraging areas in the Northeast Atlantic Ocean—Investigated using three complementary methods 

      Vacquie-Garcia, Jade; Lydersen, Christian; Biuw, Martin; Haug, Tore; Fedak, Michael A.; Kovacs, Kit M. (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2017)
      Identifying environmental characteristics that define the ecological niche of a species is essential to understanding how changes in physical conditions might affect its distribution and other aspects of its ecology. The ...
    • Ice-algal carbon supports harp and ringed seal diets in the European Arctic: evidence from fatty acid and stable isotope markers 

      Kunisch, Erin; Graeve, Martin; Gradinger, Rolf; Haug, Tore; Kovacs, Kit M.; Lydersen, Christian; Varpe, Øystein Heggernes; Bluhm, Bodil (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
      Sea-ice declines in the European Arctic have led to substantial changes in marine food webs. To better understand the biological implications of these changes, we quantified the contributions of ice-associated and pelagic ...
    • Importance of fast ice and glacier fronts for female polar bears and their cubs during spring in Svalbard, Norway 

      Freitas, Carla; Kovacs, Kit M.; Andersen, Magnus; Aars, Jon; Sandven, Stein; Skern-Mauritzen, Mette; Pavlova, Olga; Lydersen, Christian (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2012-02-13)
      Arctic sea ice is declining rapidly, making it vital to understand the importance of different types of sea ice for ice-dependent species such as polar bears Ursus maritimus. In this study we used GPS telemetry (25 polar ...
    • Instrumentation and handling effects on Antarctic fur seals (Arctocephalus gazella) 

      Blanchet, Marie Ann; Lydersen, Christian; Biuw, Erik Martin; Bruin, N; Hofmeyr, Greg; Krafft, Bjørn Arne; Kovacs, Kit M. (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2014-02-21)
      The use of biologging instruments has greatly improved our understanding of the behaviour, physiology and ecology of free-ranging marine mammals. However, handling wild animals and attaching instruments to streamlined ...
    • Late summer distribution and abundance of ice-associated whales in the Norwegian High Arctic 

      Vacquié-Garcia, Jade; Lydersen, Christian; Marques, Tiago A.; Aars, Jon; Ahonen, Heidi; Skern-Mauritzen, Mette; Øien, Nils Inge; Kovacs, Kit M. (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2017)
    • Marine mammal hotspots in the Greenland and Barents Seas 

      Hamilton, Charmain Danielle; Lydersen, Christian; Aars, Jon; Biuw, Martin; Boltunov, Andrei; Born, Erik W.; Dietz, Rune; Folkow, Lars; Glazov, Dmitry M.; Haug, Tore; Heide-Jørgensen, Mads-Peter; Kettemer, Lisa Elena; Laidre, Kristin L.; Øien, Nils Inge; Nordøy, Erling Sverre; Rikardsen, Audun H.; Rosing-Asvid, Aqqalu; Semenova, Varvara; Shpak, Olga V.; Sveegaard, Signe; Ugarte, Fernando; Wiig, Øystein; Kovacs, Kit M. (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
      Environmental change and increasing levels of human activity are threats to marine mammals in the Arctic. Identifying marine mammal hotspots and areas of high species richness are essential to help guide management and ...
    • Marine Mammals 

      Bjørge, Arne; Lydersen, Christian; Skern-Mauritzen, Mette; Wiig, Øystein (Fisken og havet, særnummer;2-2010, Research report, 2010-05)
    • Ringed seal (Pusa hispida) diet on the west coast of Spitsbergen, Svalbard, Norway: during a time of ecosystem change 

      Bengtsson, Oskar; Lydersen, Christian; Kovacs, Kit M.; Lindstrøm, Ulf (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
      Global warming is causing Atlantification of water masses and concomitant changes in food webs in the Barents Sea region. To determine whether changes that have been documented at lower trophic levels are impacting the ...
    • Sjøens pattedyr 2010 

      Bjørge, Arne; Lydersen, Christian; Skern-Mauritzen, Mette; Wiig, Øystein (Fisken og havet, særnummer;2-2010, Research report, 2010-07)
    • Status for miljøet i Barentshavet: Rapport fra Overvåkingsgruppen 2020 

      Jelmert, Anders; Sandø, Anne Britt; Frie, Anne Kirstine Højholt; Bogstad, Bjarte; Grøsvik, Bjørn Einar; Eriksen, Elena; Hallfredsson, Elvar H.; Stenevik, Erling Kåre; Bagøien, Espen; Ottersen, Geir; Skaret, Georg; Höffle, Hannes; Vee, Ida; Johansson, Josefina; Jørgensen, Lis Lindal; McBride, Margaret; Chierici, Melissa; Dalpadado, Padmini; Ingvaldsen, Randi Brunvær; Lien, Vidar Surén; Høines, Åge Sigurd; Fransson, Agneta; Sundfjord, Arild; von Quillfeldt, Cecilie; Lydersen, Christian; Hop, Haakon; Strøm, Hallvard; Johnsen, Hanne; Routti, Heli Anna Irmeli; Danielsen, Ida Kristin; Aars, Jon; Kovacs, Kit M.; Helgason, Lisa Bjørnsdatter; Itkin, Mikhail; Pavlova, Olga; Assmy, Philipp; Descamps, Sebastien; Lind, Sigrid; Gerland, Sebastian; Skotte, Gunnar; Stene, Kristine O.; Leiknes, Øystein; Skjerdal, Hilde Kristin; Jensen, Henning; Jensen, Andre Frantzen; Green, Norman Whitaker; Lorentsen, Svein Håkon (Rapport fra havforskningen;2020 - 13, Research report, 2020)
      I rapporten dekkes tre hovedtemaer: (1) Dominerende trekk i status og utvikling i økosystemet i Barentshavet siden 2016 med vekt på å beskrive hvordan sentrale prosesser påvirker tilstanden; (2) en mer detaljert beskrivelse ...
    • Time budgets and at-sea behaviour of lactating female Antarctic fur seals Arctocephalus gazella at Bouvetøya 

      Biuw, Martin; Krafft, Bjørn A.; Hofmeyr, G.J. Greg; Lydersen, Christian; Kovacs, Kit M. (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2009-06-18)
      We present the first data on attendance patterns, at-sea movements and diving behaviour of Antarctic fur seals breeding at Bouvetøya (Bouvet Island), Southern Ocean. While other colonies have been extensively studied, this ...