• Kveitemerking i Davisstredet i 1958 

      Kvavig, Per (Fisken og havet, Research report, 1972)
      Between 1955 and 1969 tagging experiments on halibut were carried out in the Davis Strait by the Institute of Marine Research, Directorate of Fisheries, Bergen. The most extensive tagging took place in the years 1958, ...
    • Kveitemerking i Davisstredet i 1959 og 1961 

      Kvavig, Per (Fisken og havet, Research report, 1972)
      The results show that most of the tagged halibut have migrated towards and along the West-Greenland coast. Two have been recaptured off Newfoundland.
    • Litt om hvittingen 

      Kvavig, Per (Fisken og havet;1963 - Nr. 1, Journal article, 1963)
      Length, age, and growth of the whiting in different waters are compared. The mean lengths of the 1-group fish from the various areas are approximately the same with the exception of the Danish Waters and Fladen Ground-Faroes ...