• Ecological investigations in the Barents Sea, August 1985. Report from Pro Mare-cruise no. 5 

      Loeng, Harald; Hassel, Arne; Rey, Francisco; Skjoldal, Hein Rune; Kristiansen, Svein; Farbrot, Tove; Hewes, C.D.; Chamberlin, W.S.; Thingstad, T.F.; Enger. Ø.; Skjoldal, E.F.; Dale, T.; Wassmann, P. (Rapport/Notat Fysisk oseanografi;FO 8605, Working paper, 1986-01-31)
      Between 29 July and 19 August 1985, the R/V "G.O.Sars" carried out investigations in the northern Barents Sea. The cruise was organized by the Institute of Marine Research (IMR). The main purpose was to carry out ...
    • Episodic arctic CO2 limitation in the west svalbard shelf 

      Sanz-Martín, Marina; Chierici, Melissa; Mesa, Elena; Carrillo-de-Albornoz, Paloma; Delgado-Huertas, Antonio; Agusti, Susana; Reigstad, Marit; Kristiansen, Svein; Wassmann, Paul; Duarte, Carlos M. (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2018)
      The European Sector of the Arctic Ocean is characterized by low CO2 concentrations in seawater during spring and summer, largely due to strong biological uptake driven by extensive plankton blooms in spring. The spring ...
    • Pelagic ecosystem characteristics across the atlantic water boundary current from Rijpfjorden, Svalbard, to the Arctic ocean during summer (2010-2014) 

      Hop, Haakon; Assmy, Philipp; Wold, Anette; Sundfjord, Arild; Daase, Malin; Duarte, Pedro; Kwasniewski, Slawomir; Gluchowska, Marta; Wiktor, Józef Maria; Tatarek, Agnieszka; Wiktor, Józef Maria Jr.; Kristiansen, Svein; Fransson, Agneta Ingrid; Chierici, Melissa; Vihtakari, Mikko (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2019)
      The northern coast of Svalbard contains high-arctic fjords, such as Rijpfjorden (80°N 22°30′E). This area has experienced higher sea and air temperatures and less sea ice in recent years, and models predict increasing ...
    • Seasonal dynamics of the marine CO2 system in Adventfjorden, a West Spitsbergen fjord 

      Ericson, Ylva; Chierici, Melissa; Falck, Eva; Fransson, Agneta Ingrid; Jones, Elizabeth Marie; Kristiansen, Svein (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2019)
      Time series of the marine CO2 system and related parameters at the IsA Station, by Adventfjorden, Svalbard, were investigated between March 2015 and November 2017. The physical and biogeochemical processes that govern ...
    • Seasonality of the Physical and Biogeochemical Hydrography in the Inflow to the Arctic Ocean Through Fram Strait 

      Randelhoff, Achim; Reigstad, Marit; Chierici, Melissa; Sundfjord, Arild; Ivanov, Vladimir; Cape, Matthias; Vernet, Maria; Tremblay, Jean-Éric; Bratbak, Gunnar; Kristiansen, Svein (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2018)
    • Spring bloom nutrient dynamics in the Oslofjord 

      Kristiansen, Svein; Farbrot, Tove; Naustvoll, Lars-Johan (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2001-09-10)
      Primary production and uptake rates of ammonium, nitrate and silicic acid were measured during the 1996 spring bloom in the Oslofjord, southern Norway, using isotope methodology (14C, 15N and 32Si). Chlorophyll a (chl a) ...
    • Tidewater glaciers and bedrock characteristics control the phytoplankton growth environment in a fjord in the arctic 

      Halbach, Laura; Vihtakari, Mikko; Duarte, Pedro; Everett, Alistair; Granskog, Mats; Hop, Haakon; Kauko, Hanna Maria; Kristiansen, Svein; Myhre, Per Inge; Pavlov, Alexey K.; Pramanik, Ankit; Tatarek, Agnieszka; Torsvik, Tomas; Wiktor, Józef Maria; Wold, Anette; Wulff, Angela; Steen, Harald; Assmy, Philipp (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2019)
      Meltwater discharge from tidewater glaciers impacts the adjacent marine environment. Due to the global warming, tidewater glaciers are retreating and will eventually terminate on land. Yet, the mechanisms through which ...