• Kartlegging av fremmede marine arter i Hordaland 

      Husa, Vivian; Heggøy, Erling; Sjøtun, Kjersti; Agnalt, Ann-Lisbeth; Johansen, Per-Otto; Glenner, Henrik; Hatlen, Kristin (DN-utredning;2-2012, Research report, 2012-03)
      The method Rapid Coastal Survey was applied in a pilot project in the county of Hordaland in autumn 2010. The abundance of 21 introduced target species was investigated in 32 marinas in the area. No new species to ...
    • Kartlegging og overvåking av fremmede marine arter 

      Heggøy, Erling; Johansen, Per-Otto; Botnen, Helge; Olenin, Sergej; Husa, Vivian; Jelmert, Anders (Fisken og havet, Research report, 2008)
      A simplified study on running Norwegian activity on mapping and monitoring of introduced marine species was made. A number of additional activities as well as how the overall activities can be coordinated to other running ...
    • Multi-decadal warming of Atlantic water and associated decline of dissolved oxygen in a deep fjord 

      Aksnes, Dag Lorents; Aure, Jan; Johansen, Per-Otto; Johnsen, Geir Helge; Salvanes, Anne Gro Vea (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2019)
      Previous studies have shown decline in dissolved oxygen of the ocean basins. A hypothesis for this development is that ocean warming through increased stratification has caused reduced ventilation of the interior ocean. ...
    • Preliminary results of Norwegian investigations on the greater silver smelt, Argentina silus (Ascanius) 

      Johansen, Per-Otto; Monstad, Terje (ICES CM Documents;1982/G:10, Working paper, 1982)
    • Toktrapport [13/10 - 13/11, 1981] 

      Wiborg, Kristian Fredrik; Monstad, Terje; Johansen, Per-Otto ([Toktrapport/Havforskningsinstituttet];, Working paper, 1981-12-14)
    • Toktrapport [22/4 - 2/5, 1981] 

      Dommasnes, Are; Johansen, Per-Otto ([Toktrapport/Havforskningsinstituttet];, Working paper, 1981-06-01)