• Lysates of Methylococcus capsulatus Bath induce a lean-like microbiota, intestinal FoxP3+RORγt+IL-17+ Tregs and improve metabolism 

      Jensen, Benjamin Anderschou Holbech; Holm, Jacob B.; Larsen, Ida S.; von Burg, Nicole; Derer, Stefanie; Sonne, Si B.; Pærrgaard, Simone I.; Damgaard, Mads V.; Indrelid, Stine Hufthammer; Rivollier, Aymeric; Agrinier, Anne-Laure; Sulek, Karolina; Arnoldussen, Yke Jildouw; Fjære, Even; Marette, André; Angell, Inga Leena; Rudi, Knut; Treebak, Jonas Thue; Madsen, Lise; Åkesson, Caroline Piercey; Agace, William; Sina, Christian; Kleiveland, Charlotte Ramstad; Kristiansen, Karsten; Lea, Tor Erling (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
      Interactions between host and gut microbial communities are modulated by diets and play pivotal roles in immunological homeostasis and health. We show that exchanging the protein source in a high fat, high sugar, westernized ...
    • The anti-obesogenic effect of lean fish species is influenced by the fatty acid composition in fish fillets 

      Fjære, Even; Myrmel, Lene Secher; Dybing, Karianne; Kuda, Ondrej; Jensen, Benjamin Anderschou Holbech; Rossmeisl, Martin; Frøyland, Livar; Kristiansen, Karsten; Madsen, Lise (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)