• A dataset of direct observations of sea ice drift and waves in ice 

      Rabault, Jean; Müller, Malte; Voermans, Joey; Brazhnikov, Dmitry; Turnbull, Ian; Marchenko, Aleksey; Biuw, Martin; Nose, Takehiko; Waseda, Takuji; Johansson, Malin; Breivik, Øyvind; Sutherland, Graig; Hole, Lars Robert; Johnson, Mark; Jensen, Atle; Gundersen, Olav; Kristoffersen, Yngve; Babanin, Alexander; Tedesco, Paulina Souza; Christensen, Kai Håkon; Kristiansen, Martin; Hope, Gaute; Kodaira, Tsubasa; Martins de Aguiar, Victor Cesar; Taelman, Catherine Cecilia A; Quigley, Cornelius Patrick; Filchuk, Kirill; Mahoney, Andrew R. (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
      Variability in sea ice conditions, combined with strong couplings to the atmosphere and the ocean, lead to a broad range of complex sea ice dynamics. More in-situ measurements are needed to better identify the phenomena ...
    • Assessment of risk and risk-reducing measures related to the introduction and dispersal of the invasive alien carpet tunicate Didemnum vexillum in Norway 

      Järnegren, Johanna; Gulliksen, Bjørn; Husa, Vivian; Malmstrøm, Martin; Oug, Eivind; Berg, Paul Ragnar; Bryn, Anders; Geange, Sonya Rita; Hindar, Kjetil; Hole, Lars Robert; Kausrud, Kyrre Linné; Kirkendall, Lawrence Richard; Nielsen, Anders; Sandercock, Brett Kevin; Thorstad, Eva Bonsak; Velle, Gaute (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
      Didemnum vexillum is colonial sea squirt, a marine species which originates from the northwest Pacific; it was first recorded in Norway in November 2020. Didemnum vexillum is an alien species, meaning that it is a species ...
    • Assessment of the risk to Norwegian biodiversity from import of wrasses and other cleaner fish for use in aquaculture. Opinion of the Panel on Alien Organisms and Trade in Endangered Species of the Norwegian Scientific Committee for Food and Environment 

      Rueness, Eli Knispel; Berg, Paul Ragnar; Gulla, Snorre; Halvorsen, Kim Aleksander Tallaksen; Järnegren, Johanna; Malmstrøm, Martin; Mo, Tor Atle; Rimstad, Espen; de Boer, Hugo; Eldegard, Katrine; Hindar, Kjetil; Hole, Lars Robert; Kausrud, Kyrre; Kirkendall, Lawrence R.; Måren, Inger Elisabeth; Nilsen, Erlend Birkeland; Thorstad, Eva Bonsak; Nielsen, Anders; Velle, Gaute (VKM Report, Research report, 2019)
    • The early marine distribution of Atlantic salmon in the North-east Atlantic: A genetically informed stock-specific synthesis 

      Gilbey, John; Utne, Kjell Rong; Wennevik, Vidar; Beck, Alexander Christian; Kausrud, Kyrre Linné; Hindar, Kjetil; de Leaniz, Carlos Garcia; Cherbonnel, Corrine; Coughlan, Jamie; Cross, Tom F.; Dillane, Eileen; Ensing, Dennis; García-Vázquez, Eva; Hole, Lars Robert; Holm, Marianne; Holst, Jens Christian; Jacobsen, Jan Arge; Jensen, Arne Johan; Karlsson, Sten; Ó Maoiléidigh, Niall; Mork, Kjell Arne; Nielsen, Einar Eg; Nøttestad, Leif; Primmer, Craig R.; Prodöhl, Paulo; Prusov, Sergey; Stevens, Jamie R.; Thomas, Katie; Whelan, Ken; McGinnity, Philip; Verspoor, Eric (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
      The survival of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar), an increasingly rare anadromous species, has declined dramatically during its marine phase, with disproportionate impacts on the poorly understood early post-smolt period. ...
    • The One Ocean Expedition: Science and Sailing for the Ocean We Want 

      Huse, Geir; Baussant, Thierry; Becker, Meike; Biuw, Martin; Bødtker, Gunhild; Cook, Jeremy; Gomiero, Alessio; Grøsvik, Bjørn Einar; Handegard, Nils Olav; Hestnes, Arne Johan; Hole, Lars Robert; Husson, Berengere; Jaccard, Pierre Franqois; Johannessen, Johnny Andre; Krolicka, Adriana; Lien, Vidar Surén; Lindemann, Christian; Olsen, Are; Renner, Angelika; Lid, Sjur Ringheim; Steen-Larsen, Hans Christian; Strand, Espen; Westgaard, Jon-Ivar; Pedersen, Geir (Rapport fra havforskningen;2023 - 34, Research report, 2023)
      The One Ocean Expedition (OOE) was a 20-month long circumnavigation of the globe by the Norwegian sail training vessel Statsraad Lehmkuhl, and a recognised part of the UN decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development. ...