• Classification of Non-Indigenous Species Based on Their Impacts: Considerations for Application in Marine Management 

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      Assessment of the ecological and economic/societal impacts of the introduction of non-indigenous species (NIS) is one of the primary focus areas of bioinvasion science in terrestrial and aquatic environments, and is ...
    • ‘Double trouble’: the expansion of the Suez Canal and marine bioinvasions in the Mediterranean Sea 

      Galil, Bella S.; Boero, Ferdinando; Campbell, Marnie L.; Carlton, James T.; Cook, Elizabeth; Fraschetti, Simonetta; Gollasch, Stephan; Hewitt, Chad L.; Jelmert, Anders; Macpherson, Enrique; Marchini, Agnese; McKenzie, Cynthia; Minchin, Dan; Occhipinti-Ambrogi, Anna; Ojaveer, Henn; Olenin, Sergej; Piraino, Stefano; Ruiz, Gregory M. (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2014-09-28)