• Autonomous Surface and Underwater Vehicles as Effective Ecosystem Monitoring and Research Platforms in the Arctic—The Glider Project 

      Camus, Lionel; Andrade, Hector; Aniceto, Ana Sofia; Aune, Magnus; Bandara, Kanchana; Basedow, Sünnje Linnéa; Christensen, Kai Håkon; Cook, Jeremy; Daase, Malin; Dunlop, Katherine Mary; Falk-Petersen, Stig; fietzek, Peter; Fonnes, Gro; Ghaffari, Peygham; Gramvik, Geir; Graves, Inger; Hayes, Daniel; Langeland, Tom; Lura, Harald; Marin, Trond Kristiansen; Nøst, Ole Anders; Peddie, David; Pederick, Joel; Pedersen, Geir; Sperrevik, Ann Kristin; Sørensen, Kai; Tassara, Luca; Tjøstheim, Sigurd; Tverberg, Vigdis; Dahle, Salve (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
      Effective ocean management requires integrated and sustainable ocean observing systems enabling us to map and understand ecosystem properties and the effects of human activities. Autonomous subsurface and surface vehicles, ...
    • Bioglider: an integrated glider solution for enhancing environmental knowledge 

      Poncon, Yves; Mortier, Laurent; Picheral, Marc; Fitzek, Peer; Hayes, Dan; Abdi, Ehsan; Zdroik, Jakub; Beszczynska-Möller, Agnieszka; Coindat, Jerome; Dunn, Muriel Barbara; Ramasco, Virginie; Thorstensen, Morten; Camus, Lionel; Priou, Pierre; Basedow, Sünnje Linnéa; Pedersen, Geir; Arbi, Tarak; Geller, Benoit (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
      This paper presents a technological solution for the observation and monitoring of the marine ecosystem. Three complementary devices, one optic imaging and one scientific acoustic instrument as well as one acoustic ...
    • Inverse method applied to autonomous broadband hydroacoustic survey detects higher densities of zooplankton in near-surface aggregations than vessel-based net survey 

      Dunn, Muriel Barbara; Pedersen, Geir; Basedow, Sünnje Linnéa; Daase, Malin; Falk-Petersen, Stig; Bachelot, Loic; Camus, Lionel; Geoffroy, Maxime (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2022)
      Throughout all oceans, aggregations of zooplankton and ichthyoplankton appear as horizontal sound scattering layers (SSLs) when detected with active acoustic techniques. Quantifying the composition and density of these ...
    • Large scale patches of Calanus finmarchicus and associated hydrographic conditions off the Lofoten archipelago 

      Weidberg, Nicholas; Santana Hernandez, Nestor; Renner, Angelika; Falk‑Petersen, Stig; Basedow, Sünnje Linnéa (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2022)
      Large swarms of individuals at different spatiotemporal scales characterise the distributions of many animal species. In the ocean several mesozooplankton taxa aggregate in large patches or swarms driven by active behavioural ...
    • Mid-summer vertical behavior of a high-latitude oceanic zooplankton community 

      Bandara, Kanchana; Basedow, Sünnje Linnéa; Pedersen, Geir; Tverberg, Vigdis (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2022)
      Vertical behavior, such as diel vertical migration (DVM) and swarming are widespread among zooplankton. At higher latitudes, synchronized DVM is mostly absent during summer and predominantly herbivorous copepods tend to ...
    • Model-informed classification of broadband acoustic backscatter from zooplankton in an in situ mesocosm 

      Dunn, Muriel Barbara; McGowan-Yallop, Chelsey; Pedersen, Geir; Falk-Petersen, Stig; Daase, Malin Hildegard Elisabeth; Last, Kim; Langbehn, Tom; Fielding, Sophie; Brierley, Andrew S.; Cottier, Finlo Robert; Basedow, Sünnje Linnéa; Camus, Lionel; Geoffroy, Maxime (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
      Classification of zooplankton to species with broadband echosounder data could increase the taxonomic resolution of acoustic surveys and reduce the dependence on net and trawl samples for ‘ground truthing’. Supervised ...
    • The impact of advection on a Subarctic fjord food web dominated by the copepod Calanus finmarchicus 

      Basedow, Sünnje Linnéa; Renner, Angelika; Espinasse, Boris Dristan; Falk-Petersen, Stig; Graeve, Martin; Bandara, Kanchana; Sørensen, Kai; Eiane, Ketil; Hagen, Wilhelm (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2024)