• An assessment of ten ocean reanalyses in the polar regions 

      Uotila, Petteri; Goosse, Hugues; Haines, Keith; Chevallier, Matthieu; Barthélemy, Antoine; Bricaud, Clément; Carton, Jim; Fučkar, Neven; Garric, Gilles; Iovino, Doroteaciro; Kauker, Frank; Korhonen, Meri; Lien, Vidar Surén; Marnela, Marika; Massonnet, François; Mignac, Davi; Peterson, K. Andrew; Sadikn, Remon; Shi, Li; Tietsche, Steffen; Toyoda, Takahiro; Xie, Jiping; Zhang, Zhaoru (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2018)
      Global and regional ocean and sea ice reanalysis products (ORAs) are increasingly used in polar research, but their quality remains to be systematically assessed. To address this, the Polar ORA Intercomparison Project ...
    • Baltic Sea ecosystem response to various nutrient load scenarios in present and future climates 

      Saraiva, Sofia; Markus Meier, HE; Andersson, Helen; Hoglund, Anders; Dieterich, Christian; Gröger, Matthias; Hordoir, Robinson; Eilola, Kari (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2018)
      The Baltic Sea is a shallow, semi-enclosed brackish sea suffering like many other coastal seas from eutrophication caused by human impact. Hence, nutrient load abatement strategies are intensively discussed. With the help ...
    • Variability along the Atlantic water pathway in the forced Norwegian Earth System Model 

      Langehaug, Helene R.; Sandø, Anne Britt; Årthun, Marius; Ilicak, Mehmet (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2018)