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  • Climate change impacts on sea-ice ecosystems and associated ecosystem services 

    Steiner, Nadja; Bowman, Jeff; Campbell, Karley; Chierici, Melissa; Eronen-Rasimus, Eeva; Falardeau, Marianne; Flores, Hauke; Fransson, Agneta; Herr, Helena; Insley, Stephen J.; Kauko, Hanna Maria; Lannuzel, Delphine; Loseto, Lisa; Lynnes, Amanda; Majewski, Andy; Meiners, Klaus M.; Miller, Lisa; Michel, Loic; Moreau, Sebastien; Nacke, Melissa; Nomura, Daiki; Tedesco, Letizia; van Franeker, Jan Andries; Leeuwe, Maria van; Wongpan, Pat (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
    A rigorous synthesis of the sea-ice ecosystem and linked ecosystem services highlights that the sea-ice ecosystem supports all 4 ecosystem service categories, that sea-ice ecosystems meet the criteria for ecologically or ...
  • Iodine nutrition and iodine supplement initiation in association with thyroid function in mildly-to-moderately iodine-deficient pregnant and postpartum women 

    Næss, Synnøve; Markhus, Maria Wik; Strand, Tor Arne; Kjellevold, Marian; Dahl, Lisbeth; Stokland, Ann-Elin Meling; Nedrebø, Bjørn Gunnar; Aakre, Inger (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
    Background: Whereas the adverse effects of severe iodine deficiency during pregnancy are well documented, the effects of mild-to-moderate deficiency are not well established. Objectives: We aimed to explore whether iodine ...
  • Comparing novel shotgun DNA sequencing and state-of-the-art proteomics approaches for authentication of fish species in mixed samples 

    Varunjikar, Madhushri S.; Moreno-Ibarguen, Carlos; Andrade-Martinez, Juan S.; Tung, Hui-Shan; Belghit, Ikram; Palmblad, Magnus; Olsvik, Pål Asgeir; Reyes, Alejandro; Rasinger, Josef; Lie, Kai Kristoffer (Others, 2021)
    Replacement of high-value fish species with cheaper varieties or mislabelling of food unfit for human consumption is a global problem violating both consumers’ rights and safety. For distinguishing fish species in pure ...
  • The Coastal Reference Fleet 2007-2019 - Fleet composition, fishing effort and contributions to science 

    Hatlebrekke, Hanne Hjelle; Gundersen, Sofie; Nedreaas, Kjell Harald; Vølstad, Jon Helge; Kolding, Jeppe (Rapport fra havforskningen;2021 - 52, Research report, 2021)
    Catch quotas are used for the sustainable management of fish stocks and are based on official catch statistics and research surveysSustainable management of the Norwegian fisheries depends on quota advice that is based on ...
  • Undersøkelser av hydrokarboner og organiske miljøgifter i sedimenter fra MAREANO-området i 2020 

    Boitsov, Stepan; Sanden, Monica (Rapport fra havforskningen;2021 - 55, Research report, 2021)
    Havforskningsinstituttet har gjennomført målinger av hydrokarboner (PAH) i sedimenter fra 17 lokaliteter i MAREANOområdet. I overflatesedimenter ble det i tillegg målt totalt hydrokarbon innhold (THC), bromerte flammehemmere ...

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