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    Amilhat, Elsa; Basic, Tea; Beaulaton, Marouene Bdioui; Belpaire, Claude; Boulenger, Clarisse; Briand, Cédric; Camara, Karin; Catarino, Rui; Ciccotti, Eleonora; Díaz, Estibaliz; Didrikas, Tomas; Domingos, Isabel; Drouineau, Hilaire; Evans, Derek; Freese, Marko; Godfrey, Jason; Gollock, Matthew; Hala, Edmond; Hanel, Reinhold; Helminen, Jani; Holiland, Per; Kapusta, Andrzej; Pedersen, Michael Ingemann; Janiak, Katarzyna; Kolangs, Janis; Lozys, Linas; Marohn, Lasse; McDowell, Jonathan; Nermer, Tomasz; O'Leary, Ciara; Poole, Russell; Sapounidis, Argyrios; Säterberg, Torbjörn; Sundin, Josefin; Taylor, Ayesha; Teesalu, Paul; Thorstad, Eva Bonsak; Van Wichelen, Jeroen; van der Hammen, Tessa; van Gemert, Rob; Vesala, Sami; Wootton, Jack; Yalcin Ozdilek, Sukran (ICES Scientific Reports, Research report, 2023)
    The Joint EIFAAC/ICES/GFCM Working group on eels (WGEEL) met in a split meeting from 4–8 September (online) and 25 September–02 October 2023 (hybrid meeting) in Helsinki, Finland, to provide the scientific basis for the ...
  • Environmental controls on macrozooplankton and fish distributions over diurnal to seasonal time scales in the northern Barents Sea 

    Cannaby, Heather Anne; Ingvaldsen, Randi Brunvær; Lundesgaard, Øyvind; Renner, Angelika; Skaret, Georg; Sakinan, Serdar S.; Chierici, Melissa; Gjøsæter, Harald (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
    We present acoustic observations obtained by bottom mounted echosounders at two locations in the northern Barents Sea and a third on the northern continental slope of the Barents Sea. Data collected over a period of ...
  • Evolutionary predictions for a parasite metapopulation: Modelling salmon louse resistance to pest controls in aquaculture 

    Coates, Andrew; Robinson, Nicholas Andrew; Dempster, Tim; Johnsen, Ingrid Askeland; Phillips, Ben L. (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
    Pests often evolve resistance to pest controls used in agriculture and aquaculture. The rate of pest adaptation is influenced by the type of control, the selective pressure it imposes, and the gene flow between farms. By ...
  • Multi-tissue proteogenomic analysis for mechanistic toxicology studies in non-model species 

    Lin, M.S.; Varunjikar, Madhushri Shrikant; Lie, Kai Kristoffer; Søfteland, Liv Ingeborg Rosvoll; Dellafiora, L.; Ørnsrud, Robin; Sanden, Monica; Berntssen, Marc HG; Dorne, J.L.C.M.; Bafna, V.; Rasinger, Josef (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
    New approach methodologies (NAM), including omics and in vitro approaches, are contributing to the implementation of 3R (reduction, refinement and replacement) strategies in regulatory science and risk assessment. In this ...
  • Toxicometabolomics as a tool for next generation environmental risk assessment 

    Bernhard, Annette; Poulsen, Rikke; Hansen, Anna M. Brun; Hansen, Martin (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
    Traditionally applied methodology in environmental risk assessment (ERA) has fallen out of step with technological advancements and regulatory requirements, challenging effectiveness and accuracy of the assessments. Extensive ...

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